Law of Attraction - Attract Wealth with Positive Affirmations.

Creating Messages for Best Results

For best results, your need to enter your Serenitext messasges in the present state.

  • I have $25,000 cash.
  • I have a brand new car.
  • I go to exotic places for my family vacations.
  • I always have enough money for whatever I want.
  • I love my high paying job.
  • I am greatful for my beach house on the California coast.

Add the phrase "I am greatful for my beach house." to your
Serenitext account to help you attract a house like this.
If you use a message like "I will have $25,000 cash", you are affirming that you will have the cash in a future date.

Think of the perfect day when you have your gift. What would you say to another person, if you had already attracted your goals? Now word your messages as if you are telling someone what you have achieved.

You might feel like you are lying to yourself. This is because your current beliefs might be "I might someday have this stuff, if I accidentally win the lottery or something, but I know darn well I never will." As you can see, the law of attraction is bringing you exactly what you are feeling.

Just keep reading the messages that you have Serenitext send you, and you will start to believe you can have have it.

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