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I wanted a baby, and I got twins.

Me and My Boys in the NICU
(Mom is taking the photo)
Derek (Left) Dylen (Right)

My wife and I had been trying for a long time to have a baby. After 3 years of trying, she decided to start getting monthly blood tests to determine if she was ovulating. About the time she started getting the blood tests, I created a Serenitext account for each of us. In my account I added a message "I am the proud father of several beautiful children" and "I am grateful for my new born baby". In her account I put in messages like "I am pregnant" and "I am grateful for my new born baby".

About 2 months after we started receiving our Serenitext messages, she had another blood test. The nurse told us that the numbers indicated that she did not ovulate. And as usual, we were both disappointed.

Three weeks later, to our surprise, we found out she was actually pregnant, even though the blood test showed no ovulation. I made my wife go get a blood test to make sure she was pregnant. I was not sure I could believe the over the counter urine test, even though it showed positive. We were so excited. Finally after waiting so long, we were finally going to be parents.

At 10 weeks along, we went to her first appointment. The doctor did a customary ultra sound, and to our surprise again, my wife was carrying twins.

I would recommend Serenitext to everyone.


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Obviously Serenitext will not give you twin babies. Everyone knows more is involved than just receiving Serenitext. Typical results are, you will receive whatever message you add to your account to your cell phone or email which helps you remain focused on your goals. Whatever you attract in your life as a result of using Serenitext, cannot be predicted. That is up to you.