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I lost 117 pounds.

Before After

I was quite overweight, and had self confidence issues, because of my weight. My brother convinced me to create a Serenitext account to see if it would help condition my mind to be able to lose weight. I added "I can fit in a size 9 bikini" and "Everything I eat makes me healthy and fit" to my Serenitext affirmation list.

Serenitext kept sending me those affirmations every day. After a while I didn't pay much attention to the messages.

A few weeks later a friend told me about this hormone shot that helped her lose weight. I decided to try it. It worked great. During the whole time of losing weight Serenitext was sending me the affirmations.

The funny thing is, I did not realize that Serenitext was even helping me. I believe now, that because I kept receiving my Serenitext messages, I attracted the proper thing to help me lose weight. Also, Serenitext was conditioning my mind so I can receive such a blessing.

I have now lost 117 pounds and I feel great. I plan on losing more so I will have to change my Serenitext affirmation to "I can fit in a size 7 bikini". Make sure whatever you put in your message list is something you actually believe you can get.

Thank You so Much Serenitext.


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Obviously Serenitext will not make you lose weight. Everyone knows more is involved than just receiving Serenitext. As stated above, a diet was used. Typical results are, you will receive whatever message you add to your account to your cell phone or email which helps you remain focused on your goals. Whatever you attract in your life as a result of using Serenitext, cannot be predicted. That is up to you.