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Law of Attraction - Attract Wealth with Positive Affirmations.

Law of Attraction

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Only $17.97 per month

Experience the Fastest & Easiest Way To Attract Anything You Can Imagine with the Law of Attraction.

  • Quickly attract anything you want using the Law of Attraction
  • Automatically re-programs your mind to attract your desires
  • Keeps you focused on the things you want
  • Never have to deal with "sticky notes" or "vision boards" again
  • Once you attract something, change it to attract something else
  • Attract multiple things at the same time

How it works
Add What You Want To Attract
Add What You Want To Attract
Enter whatever it is in your Serenitext account that you want to attract.

See Creating Messages for Best Results
Receive your messages via text on your cell phone.
Receive Messages Via Cell Phone
Serenitext sends your messages to you everyday. This repeating action re-programs your mind to attract your desires.
Get Results
Get Results
Once you are in the proper mindset, you can attract the things you want.

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Only $17.97 per month

Success Stories

Sign up For Serenitext Now!

Only $17.97 per month

Receive your own personal goals on your cell phone, randomly throughout your day.
You enter the messages, that way you receive messages that are customized to you.
Use the Power List to speed your manifesting process.
You can customize how early and how late in the day that you want to receive the messages, giving you greater flexibility.
You enter the messages that will be sent randomly to your cell phone.
Choose encouraging messages from the Serenitext Community List to add to your list if you don't have any messages of your own.
Texts come at different times each day so you don't become accustomed to receiving them at a certain time and ignoring them.
Easy to use control panel to manage all your preferences.

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What Members Are Saying
I am currently expecting a baby in October, because my amazing sister was willing to be my Surrogate Mother. It has been the most unique, fun experience, and has had it's fair share of stresses. Serenitext keeps me in check, life is what you focus on. I love getting reminders several times a day, to stay positive and grateful for the gifts I have been given.
Surrogacy From The Heart

I really love your service and have found it profoundly affects my business. Thank you so much for creating something so powerful!
Joline W

I love my Serenitext, not just for positive affirmations, but reminders to stay in the moment and in the vision I desire. It is so easy to slip out of the vibration of abundance when the lack vibration comes in. Serenitext really helps me, just at the right time, to look at why I have attracted the lack vibration into my reality. Serenitext is a Genius idea whose time has come.
Linda K

I often want to reply to my Serenitext message with gratitude for you. I'm so enjoying receiving in this way! Thank you for being a gift on this planet.
Marinna S

I Love it, Thank You!
Sue A

I just received a Serenitext, and it was perfect timing. The text message was one that reminded me to clean on a problem. It is a great help. Thank You
Jody K

A few tips to gelp you get the most out of Serenitext and the Law of Attraction.

Everything you are experiencing now is brought to you by the Law of Attraction. Good or bad, it is attracted to you because of your mindset. With Serenitext working hard in the background, every time you read a message, you can visualize yourself having the gift you are attracting. Now you are getting a happy thought about what you want.

Avoid being angry or frustrated that you don't have what you are attracting yet. When you do this you put out a negative attraction and are just pushing your goal away.

An absolute must, you need to take action when the Law of Attraction brings an opportunity to you. So many people seem to overlook this one when they watch the Secret DVD. It is of the utmost importance. If you were the "Universe" would you let someone win the lottery if they were too lazy to even buy a ticket, and we both know that it is virtually impossible to win if you have no ticket.